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They call me Ms Geek

We are first in line for the midnight release of Tron in 3D. Yep I am a geek.

Sep. 27th, 2010

Kiddo is on the phone with a college rep. Has been for the the last 45 minutes or so? This must be why I just heard my checking account scream for mercy.


Baby oh baby

If we go by days of the week, 18 years ago I started going into labor tonight. Kiddo was born the first Friday of September, even though her birth date is falling on Saturday this year. Where did the time go?

Only in my house

Scene: Way to early in the morning to be having these conversations.

Enter Trinket, racing down the hallway and making flying leaps at door frames only to slide down them firehouse pole style.

Me: "Trinket are you hunting invisible Ninjas?"

Trinket: Race to the other end fo the hall and make a flying tackle on the door frame in an attempt to.....subdue the house?

Kiddo: "No Mom, that's silly. She's hunting invisible ceiling zombies. See their midgets so they have to drop down from the ceiling because if they were floor zombies they couldn't reach our brains."

Trinket: Races down the hall and does "Surprise Kitty Attack" at the dog.

JarJar the dog: "Sigh"

Me: "I don't know whether to be afraid or impressed that you thought that out in detail."

Kiddo: "I'm highly creative.....and I was bored."

Welcome to my world, sanity is optional. (And keep all power tools, chemistry sets and thermo nuclear devices away from the child...please)


Jul. 19th, 2010

Well I guess I'm employed through March 2011 teaching bellydance at least. My boss e-mailed me today to get my schedule through to the end of March. I need to go and figure out for March 2011 to March 2012 now. He always seems to be floored that I have the schedule set up so far out. It makes total sense to me. If I have it set up that far out and something comes up its easy enough to play around with the dates if anything needs to be changed. Plus it makes me look good when he asks and I can send it to him within a few minutes of getting his email.....grin

Now off to get ready for the start of the new session. Only 20ish more weeks until the recital......how did that happen?



Bribery at work

The kiddo and her boyfriend are hard at work cleaning her room. I'm fairly certain they should be wearing hazmat suits since the plan is to get the room sparkly clean so she can get a monitor and the cables to hook up the Xbox 360 in her room so she can play on-line with ther friends when the TV is otherwise in use. To get to sparkly clean they are going to have to go spelunking under the bed and breach the closet. This ought to be very entertaining ......for me. Yes I am an evil mom :P

Oh yes, and Trinket kitty is helping too. Yep lots of entertainment...bawahahahahahaha


Apr. 30th, 2010

Thanks everyone for the sympathies about Yo-yo. Mecury is in retrograde and while normally it doesn't effect me in the slightest I swear its out to get me this time around. It's at least stuck a "kick me" sign on my back :P

I found out yesterday one of my snowbird students, a guy who carved/wood burned beautiful gourds, passed away last week. Fatal heart attack. His wife was one of the scratch art and water color students so I knew them both pretty well. I know its part and parcel with working with seniors but it still really sucks. The plus side of my winter job is I have almost 200 "grandparents" the down side is every year a few don't come back.

Apr. 27th, 2010

Yo-yo kitty passed away today. She was quite an old lady for a kitty so it wasn't unexpected. I'm going to miss my snuggle kitty.

Apr. 23rd, 2010

When did kiddo get so grown up? She went with several friend's to their Jr Prom tonight. Here she is just before I took her to meet up with everyone. 


If the Earth is a rock'n....

You must be in Yuma. That lovely 7.2 earthquake that hit Baja had us rolling right along with them. Angela and the kids were here, nice man had watched them while she and I ran to the studio to put together a new choreography for the Relay for Life show next weekend. They were just getting ready to head out the door when we felt the soft rolling.

"Hey an earthquake"......."Umm this isn't stopping"......."Is it just me or is this getting stronger?" ......."Kids why don't you come over here with me in the doorway in case a picture falls down off the wall, don't want you getting a bonk on the head for Easter"........"Is California still attached?" ........."Is it just me or is the earth still rolling a bit?"....."Oooook well that was interesting."

That was the longest and hardest shake we've had since I moved to Yuma. Angela and Wayne were very casually leaning against the entertainment center bracing the tv and some of my knick-knacks up there, I had the kids stand in the doorway of the living-room with me because hell this is a Max Hall build home and I wasn't trusting the ceiling fan not to suddenly become a floor fan and kiddo hung out in the other doorway where she had been when it all started with Jar-jar the dog. Yo-yo kitty slept through the whole thing and Trinket kitty was nothing but an orange blur of fur on end as she raced into the bedroom to hide.

I had no idea when I moved to Yuma that we were near any fault lines and that earthquakes happen. It wasn't until the late 90's I felt my first one here. I always said I didn't want to live in California because of them. Turns out not only am I totally not frighted of them, I end up wildly invigorated by them. I want to go do things, create things, I feel massively energized. Nice man swears its adrenaline, but its not the same feeling. Its more like when we have a major storm. All this excess  energy in the air and I want to pull it all in and do something with it. I know, I'm strange...LOL!

We've been having aftershocks off and on all week. There were several pretty good ones that day. The other night was a quicky, did a truck go by or did the earth move kind of quake then this morning a nice little jolt to get me up and moving for the day. I wonder how long it will be before it all settles down. Even more I wonder how long it will be before we get another good sized jolt like that.

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